Dinner & Dance, Family Day, Festive Celebrations

Corporate Events

Our corporate event professionals will take care of everything, from brainstorming theme ideas down to personally overseeing and providing all necessary materials, equipment and manpower. We will be there with you from start to end handling your needs so that you too, can enjoy the event.
No matter what you need for your corporate events, Mojo X will tailor to your demands, and deliver them professionally. It is no wonder that many companies — big and small — trust us with their corporate events. After all, reliability is key to ensuring your company continues to be beloved by your customer base.

Corporate Family Day

Thinking of organising a company family day soon? Have ideas but don’t know how to execute them? Or maybe just need inspiration for an event to bring your workers and their families closer together? Whatever your demands, Mojo X is able to deliver results that meet your expectations


Annual Dinner and Dance (D&D)

The end of the year has come to an end, and you would like to reward your employees for the hard work that they have consistently been putting in. Or maybe you would just like to celebrate a bountiful year of work together. Come enquire with Mojo X about our Dinner and Dance (D&D) packages now!