Crowd Control Manpower

As more stringent policies are being implemented in view of COVID-19, various public spaces are placed under stricter constraints and limitations to ensure the safety of our community.

Amidst the changes, it is understood that organisations will be seeking additional manpower in order to fulfil positions such as crowd control manpower as well as crowd counter manpower in the heartland malls. As the situation worsens, the government is taking a step further in ensuring that shopping malls are complying with the new measures that have been imposed. Tighter implementation of safe distancing is necessary in order to minimize exposure. Let’s all play our part to overcome this situation!

crowd control manpower
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Crowd Control Manpower

Hire Crowd Control Manpower to be stationed at multiple entrance(s) and exit(s) of shopping malls to help out and guide shoppers. For shopping malls that are expecting a large crowd, our manpower can help guide and explain the new measures that were put in place. Especially so during the weekends with the highest number of shoppers.

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Crowd Counter Manpower

Following the new measures rolled out, depending on how big the mall is, shopping malls will have to be in compliance that malls do not have more than one person per 16 sqm of usable space. Our Crowd Counter Manpower will be stationed at the entrance(s) and exit(s) of shopping malls to count the number of shoppers entering the mall at any point of time.

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Temperature Screening Manpower

As Singapore step up its game against Covid-19, temperature screening stations are deemed as a necessary measure amongst all. If you have not yet implement temperature screening booths, you are late into the game. PartyMojo can provide trained manpower to conduct temperature screening, recording temperatures and guiding shoppers on the filling up the declaration forms.

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Why are shopping mall needing this?

Shopping malls are playing their part as Singapore’s fight against Covid-19. The new measure released by the Government requires all entertainment outlets such as bars, cinemas to be closed from Thursday (March 26) 11.59pm till April 30, 2020. While shopping malls, museums and restaurants must reduce crowd density to stay open. Though shopping malls can still be in operation, malls will have to be in compliance with new measures to provide a safe environment for shoppers.

As seen previously, long queues quickly appear in several areas of Singapore with a high flow of human traffic. By increasing each mall’s manpower strength, this issue can quickly be solved for many retailers and shopping centres, especially when it comes to positions that can be quickly filled by the manpower provided by PartyMojo. Mandatory social distancing is extremely crucial in the current circumstances, one of the ways we are able to flatten our epidemic curve and buy time for more effective interventions.

Why are such measures being taken?

Task force co-chair Lawrence Wong, the Minister for National Development, said that the aim was to have fewer people out and about, and a reduction in social gatherings and any activity that could be a potential social vector for the virus. While malls employ additional manpower for temperature screening and tallying roles, it allows for effective contact tracing due to the smaller groups of shoppers in the malls itself. The moment a case is confirmed, contact tracing is able to identify close contacts and to quarantine them as soon as possible, so as to reduce further spread of the disease.

How many people can be in the mall?

Other public venues such as retail malls, museums and attractions, where contact is more transient, may remain open. But operators must make sure the venue does not have more than one person per 16 sqm of usable space depending on the size of the malls as the amount of shoppers varies.